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Rightful Heir

(Star Trek - The Next Generation episode production code 249)
  • story by James E. Brooks
  • teleplay by Ronald D. Moore
  • directed by Winrich Kolbe
  • music by Jay Chattaway

Rightful Heir

Just a bit of food for thought on this story. Starfleet doesn't want to interfere in other cultures, especially in matters of religion, and that policy extends to the internal politics of the Klingon Empire as evidenced in "Redemption". So you have to wonder how the biggest, religiously oriented shift of power in the Klingon Empire in the last 1500 years takes place on board our favourite flying hotel in this episode. Did it not go a bit overboard here?

I guess Starfleet intends to follow a similar edict to that set down in "The Trial of a Time Lord: Terror of the Vervoids" (Doctor Who story no. 146), where their "presence was most specifically requested, and not just by anyone, but by the man in whom authority was vested!" In other words Gowron. If only he had still been the man in whom authority was vested after the conclusion....

The red flag appears even bigger before Gowron lets the audience know his reasons for calling upon the Enterprise to do him this favour - although afterwards I do see his point. The real point of course is to keep the main cast of the show involved, and to use the standing sets as much as possible. Wink, wink.

This is definitely a weird story, paralleling human legends a little TOO closely, I think.

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  • Dept. Briefing: Dan Curry Profile (19 min.)
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    • "Tapestry" by Moore and the Okudas.
    • "Frame of Mind" by director James L. Conway and director of photography Jonathan West.
  • Three-part documentary "Beyond the Five Year Mission - The Evolution of ST:TNG" (HD, 84 min. total) with all seven regular castmembers, plus Colm Meaney (O'Brien),
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