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Star Trek Movies

So far, not all of the Star Trek movies have a review here. Star Treks 2 & 3 are only covered peripherally, as we focused on the Genesis Project that spanned both films, and examined it in-depth.

"Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home", however, has received a full in-depth review covering pretty much every aspect of its story.

When we get to the later Next Generation movies, and then the J.J. Abrams reboots, not one of them could be avoided if I wanted to do justice to my two favourite Trek topics. Regardless, I reviewed each of those movies as a whole, diving into their many varied aspects.

You may easily go through all of our reviews by following the link at the bottom of each one to the next page, although this sequence winds through many of the different TV series as well.

Original Movies begin with: Prime Directive: The Genesis Project.

Next Generation movies begin with Star Trek 7: Generations

JJ.Abrams reboot movies begin with Star Trek 11 (Untitled)

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Movie Reviews begin with: Prime Directive: The Genesis Project

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