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The Animatrix: Program

Region 1
10-disc box set
for North America
Region 2
10-disc box set
for the U.K.
(The Animatrix, segment 5)
  • written and directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri
  • produced by Larry and Andy Wachowski, Michael Arias,
    Eiko Tanaka, Hiroaki Takeuchi
  • music by Don Davis
  • 7 min. action plus 8 min. credits
Story: A female warrior receives a bizarre proposal from her mentor during a training exercise.

In-Depth Analysis Review

by Martin Izsak

WARNING: This review contains "SPOILERS", and is intended for those who have already seen the story.

This is probably the most unmemorable story of the entire Animatrix.

It seems to take longer than most before you can orient yourself and figure out who the characters are, where they are in their lives, and what they're all about, much less invest in their prolific battles. But once that's done, the answers are quite disappointing. The entire thing feels like a re-run of Cypher's subplot from the first movie, only this time it's shorter and less fulfilling. On top of that, you won't really be able to understand it on its own without having seen the first Matrix movie, so its re-run status is inescapable.

Effort seems to have gone into its extravagant visuals, which apply a very Japanese style to the usual Matrix tricks. But all this is window-dressing, and the core concept doesn't seem to have any new or original twists to it.

The ending is one that has grown to be a bit of an overused and disappointing cliché from many a 1960's episode of Star Trek. As usual, it deserves the groan it gets.

Will the Animatrix pick itself up from these depressing and pointless stories and start to make us feel like there's a point to it somewhere? Thankfully, beginning with the next segment, the answer is yes.

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This story is available on DVD and Blu-ray as the fifth segment of "The Animatrix" in The Ultimate Matrix Collection.
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Standard DVD version: Blu-ray version:
DVD NTSC Region 1
The Ultimate Matrix Collection
10-disc set
for the North American market:
Region 1 NTSC

Region 1 NTSC

Region 1 NTSC

DVD PAL Region 2
The Ultimate Matrix Collection 10-disc set
for the U.K. / Europe:
Region 2 PAL

Blu-ray Region A/1
The Ultimate Matrix Collection
for the North American market:

Region A/1

Region A/1

Bilingual Set

DVD Extras for "Program" include:

  • Japanese audio commentary by writer/director Yoshiaki Kawajiri and producer Hiroaki Takeuchi, with English subtitle translation.
  • making-of featurette (6 min.), with Kawajiri, producer Michael Arias, casting and voice director Jack Fletcher,
    composer Don Davis, sound editor Dane Davis, and critics Todd McFarlane and Susan Napier.
  • short text biographies of the directors & producers of "The Animatrix".

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Read the In-depth Analysis Review for the next story: "The Animatrix: World Record"

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