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-"The Counter-Clock Incident"

The Counter-Clock Incident

(Star Trek Animated episode #22 in broadcast order)
  • written by John Culver
  • directed by Bill Reed
  • production code #22023

"Season Four":
The Animated Series

22 episodes
@ 25 minutes each

The Counter-Clock Incident

Once again, the animated series does a time-related story by using a parallel universe with different laws of physics, VERY reminiscent of (and a huge improvement on) "The Time Trap", as well as reminding us once again of Doctor Who's E-Space Trilogy. This time, the parallel universe is no small pocket. As astronomical charts get compared, there's a whole galaxy in there equal to our own in size, and who knows how much further both regions of space extend....

As in "The Time Trap", the flow of time in the new universe is different to what we expect. Instead of going forward at a different rate, it here flows "backwards". Fascinating.

The episode is a stand-up example of true science fiction, as little time is spent looking for the usual conflicts between characters. Instead, most of the time is spent exploring ideas and concepts from reverse universes, reverse time mechanics, super nova astronomy, the culture of the planet Atar, and ideas of aging, retirement, and contribution. A rich tapestry. The visuals are a vast improvement over "The Time Trap" as well, chiefly with the segments on the planet Atar, although they also give us a lovely effect for the Nova. Even while on the old Enterprise bridge, we have two unmistakably unique characters in Commodore Robert April and his wife, plus interesting visuals from Mrs. April's orchid that serve as an indicator to the flow of time. Nice device. Somehow, even the bridge scenes in this adventure flow better and keep up a more interesting pace than in most other episodes.

Although one may well question the Atarian life cycle, particularly in comparison to the way similar ideas were further developed to a ludicrous extent on the show "Mork and Mindy", here it is simply a bizarre one-off concept in the Star Trek canon. "The Counter-Clock Incident" remains a clean story in terms of the time-travel mechanics that are usually messed up in Star Trek, largely because the story doesn't really involve time travel, just a different flow of time depending on "where" you are. Cool.

All in all, a very satisfying episode, and a good one for the animated series to bow out on. Enjoy!

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