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A unique blend of new age synth pop, combining sweeping epic classical motifs with memorable melodies and catchy bass-lines, and all 100% instrumental. It's Martin Izsak's original album, "Harmonic Odyssey".

This album's sound has a style close to early Yanni, while the melodies are more tuneful like ABBA. "Harmonic Odyssey" is a completely instrumental album. The music was created on synthesizers, using a virtual orchestra including piano, wordless choir, and many newly created synthetic instrument sounds.

Of course, satisfaction is all in the ear of the beholder, so without further delay, we present the track listing with a few samples you can listen to.

Double click on any .mp3 link to play high quality compression .mp3 music sample streams immediately. [If you have a slower machine, Real Audio links will load faster, but are of lower quality.] Of course, if you want the highest quality sound of all, uncompressed 44.100 kHz sound, you will have to buy the CD itself....

All selections composed, performed, and produced
by Martin Izsak:

# Track Title Length Samples
1. Harmonic Odyssey
(see below for more....)
5:15 mp3 28 sec real audio pop / new age instrumental song
2. Kahwé:tsiaks 3:24 mp3 33 sec real audio tuneful song, driving Native American beat
3. Excelling Strings 2:45 classical improv.
4. Summer Dreams 3:56 romantic melody, bouncy bassline
5. The Dawnflower 6:36 instrumental soft rock
6. The Road Drummer 3:35 "orchestral techno"
7. Muckafoura Scurry 2:25 playful new age
8. Snow March 3:51 mp3 47 sec real audio classical / new age imagery
9. Rolling Boulder Fanfare 2:31
10. The Peak of Forever 5:13 epic desolate landscapes
11. Arcturan Bard 4:24 mp3 62 sec real audio pop / new age instrumental song
12. Nebula of Wonder 3:44 gentle new age music
13. Martian Lullaby 1:25 new age lullaby
14. Skydance 3:24 pop instrumental song
15. Sutekh 1:46
16. Orbital Escape 4:12 new age instrumental rock
17. Galactic Tapestry 2:44 gentle new age music
18. Nature's Song 3:41
19. Odyssey 2 - Ethereal 5:23 mp3 96 sec real audio spacey new age music
Total Time: 70:21
Extra Bonus: Download the mp3 version of
the entire instrumental title track,
Harmonic Odyssey!
mp3 5:15 pop / new age instrumental song
For a permanent copy of this instrumental, new age, synth pop mp3 download, right click and choose "Save Target As..."

The 70-minute "Harmonic Odyssey" Album is available as a factory pressed CD. If you prefer, it is also possible to purchase .mp3 instant downloads of this album. Buy only the tracks you want, or get the entire album as a package and save! Click on the desired retailer for cost, shipping methods, and additional information:

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"Harmonic Odyssey" is a Lyratek Arts production. You may contact us via this page:

Contact page


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