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Human spiritual transformation, the end of the Mayan calendar, and astronomical events resulting in a "new earth" are all hot topics now in spheres that have grown beyond the New Age community that first revelled in them, and one of the buzz words for the new paradigm we are moving into is the "fourth density". For all those interested in learning more or finding out how to get into this paradigm, we have upgraded and expanded this primer page. As always, it's best to start by dispelling some common misconceptions about the fourth density by defining exactly what we are talking about when we use this term.

The Fourth Density

The term "fourth density", in the way it is used throughout this website, was coined by members of Royal Priest Research. They proposed a system of looking at all life in the universe and measuring its "rate of vibration of consciousness" on a scale of seven densities.

The densities are somewhat analogous to the three states of matter, with a range of possible temperatures (or rate of vibration of molecules) in each one. Below 0 degrees Celsius, water is a solid. Between 0 and 100 degrees Celsius, water is a liquid. And above 100 degrees Celsius, water is a gas.

Life is also expressed in different rates of vibration of consciousness, or levels of complexity. The first density encompasses many things so simple that they don't even fit within the common human definition of life: rocks, minerals, water, and single-celled life forms.

The second density encompasses most things we recognize as alive on this planet, namely plants and animals. While it is possible for these forms of life to be very intelligent and express a full range of emotions, they are innocent of true self-awareness, and live without judgment.

The third density is the rate of vibration of consciousness that human beings have enjoyed throughout their recorded history. This is a density which we share with dolphins and whales. Self-awareness and sentience come at the cost of this density's defining attribute: separation. All too often we feel that we are separate from each other, from our communities and governments, from our environment, and particularly from our Creator. And we act on that premise of separation constantly.
Dolphins legally recognized as "non-human persons" in India.

May 2013.

The story of Adam & Eve acquiring the forbidden fruit of the knowledge of good & evil (polarized separation) can be seen as an attempt to chronicle the shift in the focus of our species from the second density to the third. This is not, however, an experience so far removed from us in time that we have no connection with it.

Each of us goes through a similar process individually within our natural life cycle. When a fetus is first conceived, the focus of its consciousness is in the first density. Around birth, the focus graduates to the second density, and the innocence of a child's behaviour mirrors that of most of the rest of the animal kingdom. The shift from second to third density in most people's lifetimes occurs at the beginning of that "teenage rebellion" phase, or thereabouts, as sentience and the recognition of the self settles in, and the individual wants to express itself and become its own separate identity.

I still remember vividly, when I was about 10 or 11 years old, thinking that my all-pervasive conscious awareness could be focused anywhere in the world, thinking any of trillions of combinations of thoughts and directing countless number of actions and interactions.... and yet here it was focused entirely within this one individual young person, sitting in a long, bright yellow school bus, staring out the window at the grass and countryside. And I wondered, why this individual? What in particular am I here to learn by becoming him? The thought sent a chill down my spine, and a thrill through my mind, largely because it was so new. Why had I never thought that before? I went over the sequence of thoughts in my head several more times, until I had diluted the experience, but I often now wonder if that was my transition from second to third density, and what keys there might have been in it to aid my upcoming transition from third to fourth....

Sadly, historically, most human beings die before evolving to the next density after the third. But this is about to change, and environmental factors and genetics are playing their part. Humans, dolphins, and whales are evolving to a point where adulthood will be expressed in the fourth density. It may take up to 300 years for the full physical adaptation to complete itself, but the rate of vibration of consciousness itself will advance to fourth density in this generation.

Fourth Density Principles

The fourth density can be summarized by the idea of integration. One retains the self-awareness of the third density while regaining the acceptance of harmony and unity that defines the second density. One loses one's blindness of the various ways in which we create all of our own outcomes, and it becomes less of a frustrating struggle to express ourselves, and more of a creative excitement.

Indeed, it is one of the cornerstones in most of the New Age movement that the human population of Earth is transforming, and transforming from the 3rd to 4th "something". Many sources fill in the "something" with the word "dimension", which has already had so many other interesting meanings in science and science fiction that it sounds like a secret hidden place. I much prefer the word "density", because I feel it can be defined to a much greater degree of specificity, and more easily recognized as a complexity of consciousness in conversation.

Some believe that the upcoming transformation involves moving to a new Earth. I would put money down that it will still be our same good old Earth, but we will perceive it differently, and understand the importance of our choices and their impact on our environment. There is a great demonstration of this idea at the core of the TV show "Sliders", where the main characters regularly explore as many different versions of Earth as its writers can think of. In that sense, not only is there a New Earth, there are billions of them, and we'll continue to navigate to an appropriate "new" one moment by moment by making our everyday choices.... as we have always done. In third density, we weren't sophisticated enough to recognize that we were doing this. In fourth density, we will know it.

For me the most dramatic result of this transformation from 3rd to 4th density will be a gross improvement in our relationships with each other and our environment. We will treat each other with greater respect and fairness, and have a more sustainable, thriving culture in harmony with our environment on the Earth.

How do we get there? Good question. There are many proactive things you can do to help yourself release the stresses of third density and flow smoothly with the emerging fourth. One of the best is to acquaint yourself with the philosophical principles of fourth density and begin reinterpreting the world around yourself through this more elegant paradigm. Though I won't be able to touch on every principle here at this time (a larger list is revealed in the Lyssa Royal material below), the time has now come to expand this section beyond the one principle already shared previously.

Honesty is one of the biggest principles, but it's easy to underestimate the scope at which it operates at fourth density. "Thou shalt not lie" is just the tip of the iceberg. The real third density counterpart to honesty is secrecy, for lies are only one method of keeping the truth secret. But in all things there is balance, and the universe, even just our own small corner of it, contains more truths and facts and events than we can ever consciously perceive, let alone communicate. The honesty barometer is in your energy and emotions. Just as fourth density releases from you the need to invest time and energy and effort into keeping something secret, neither must you invest time and energy and effort into advertising every fact you come across. Just trust your own intuition and wisdom and intelligence, and free yourself from investing in secrecy.

Self-Responsibility & Self-Empowerment describe the flavour of many of the other principles. Here we will see the importance of each individual making choices for himself or herself, and not attempting to make anyone else's choices for them. Rules, policies, mandates, etc. are all based on the 3rd density need to control, and the fear of allowing others the space to make their own choices. For many, this is a really difficult fear to face. Give it time, and take steps where you can.

I'm sad to see so many of our "official" institutions promoting solutions to a wide health scare that embody very third density separations and controls, usually without actually addressing the problem correctly. It is clear that there are individuals at the top who fear they are losing the sense of control and self-importance that they only know how to get from third density, and it would seem at first glance that they are desperate to keep as much of the population as possible locked into the third density mindset. It is challenging to remain compassionate and charitable towards such individuals while we ourselves have so many additional stresses to deal with, but the more we all see through the false solutions offered by these individuals, on all topics, the easier it becomes to help all people find their own harmonious way in the new paradigm.

Physical health grows out of psychological and emotional health. For many decades now, it has always disappointed me to see my fellow human beings, when they catch cold, examine their recent past to try to figure out from whom they might have caught the germ. I always prefer to look inward, to examine my recent thoughts and behaviours to figure out where I have put myself under stress. I take full responsibility for creating my own health reality. Sometimes it is stress in the mind, from too many unhelpful interpretations. Sometimes it is stress in the body, asking it to endure harsh conditions for too long a span of time, without sufficient rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Fresh oxygen and proper nutrition are also important. Often it is a combination of all these elements. But since learning to be aware of these factors, I catch colds FAR more rarely than before, often unable to remember how many years ago the last one occurred.

This isn't rocket science; many people are aware of all this. Why do these elements get so little lip service in our media today?

As a true introvert, I can get by and maintain my peak emotion without a great deal of human interactivity, but MOST people would want much more than I do. I'm truly baffled at the recommendations of many major health institutions in their relentless focus on the external fear/protection side of things, to the complete detriment of the internal emotional support side of things. The more important factor in strengthening most people's immune systems has suffered a serious (and probably deliberate) setback with the imposition of restrictions so severe that society is half-shut down. This anti-social movement seems set to do more damage to our well-being than it prevents. I would not recommend anyone choose it for themselves, much less commit the 3rd density sin of trying to impose it on others.

Most of us have full contact with all the cold & flu viruses all the time, and we don't notice because our immune systems are handling them invisibly. Our immune systems are typically fully fired up when we are at our emotional peaks, enjoying all the fruits of life. The migration of the germ has little relevance regarding how and when we get sick. Our stress levels are a far more important factor. The way we see and interpret the world is the most influential factor affecting our health.

For those who wish an excellent and comprehensive list of 4D principles, or simply to learn more about the entire fourth density idea, I will recommend some additional sources: Royal Priest Research has put out many outstanding audio cassettes, CD's, and mp3's on these and other fascinating subjects, but the one I find most useful and have returned to time and again is called "4th Density Relationships." The website for Royal Priest Research is named after its most famous founding member, Lyssa Royal Holt: "4th Density Relationships" is a double cassette or 3 CD edition, listed as number 112 in their audio catalogue.
Lyssa Royal Holt

However, New Age material is not for everyone. One very, very excellent way of achieving the same transformation from an extremely practical point of view is outlined in the books, tapes, and other material of Dr. Stephen Covey. Firstly, the balance between self-aware individual concerns and harmonious public creativity is very well emphasized, but perhaps more importantly, the steps to creating a harmonious public victory are very well outlined. While many other habits may seem obvious and have been covered in other books, Covey seems to have cornered the market on Habit 5, detailing what it is, what you need to have covered previously to make it work (Habits 1-4), and knowing why you're doing it and where you're headed next. The concept is simple enough in itself, but putting it into practice takes practice. Exercising this habit will evolve you, and probably help evolve those around you too.

Learn more about Dr. Covey and the 7 Habits on our Stephen Covey Page.

Dr. Stephen Covey
But you want to know more of the principles now? Okay, many of the articles and reviews on this site are saturated with fourth density thought and comparisons, so I'll point out a few specific ones that offer significant bits.

One of my favourites is a review I wrote that details how three 4th density principles (as opposed to their 3rd density counterparts) turned out to be far more useful than the Prime Directive in neatly and satisfyingly resolving conflicts in the Star Trek: Next Generation episode "Who Watches the Watchers?".

Also, our article on "The Evolution of Political Ideals" draws on fourth density principles as a primary inspiration, and details how many of those principles could improve our political systems and governing bodies.

Lastly, it is important to note that fourth density is more than principles. It is a whole different energy and style of communicating and being with the rest of the universe and its occupants. Surprisingly, one can receive a lot of pointers on this aspect from "The Dog Whisperer" TV shows by Cesar Millan. Though his focus is helping 3rd density humans communicate better with 2nd density species, namely dogs, this relearning and re-integration of 2nd density in Mr. Millan's presentations is also actually helping his 3rd density clients move closer to fourth density. We'll show you how to get the 4th density lessons out of this highly popular show and steer clear of 3rd density traps in our
Animal Whispering article.

Cesar Millan as
"Dog Whisperer"

Article written by Martin Izsak. Comments on this article are welcome. You may contact the author from this page:

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