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View the contents of files written in C-Lab Notator sequencer's native .son file format on your PC

Are you one of those musicians who loved to use C-Lab's Notator sequencer for the Atari ST series computer? Or one of those even rarer musicians who devotedly still use that great program today, even while also enjoying more modern solutions at your state of the art computer? I am.

Perhaps you've also stored your .son files on PC readable floppy disks, or the PC's hard drive itself. But what to do with those files there, now that PC applications have neglected and abandoned the .son file format?

A few years ago, I set out to decipher the .son file format, at least enough to decode the information I commonly had in the .son files I had made over the past decade and a half. While I succeeded for my purposes, there is still a lot I don't know about the format, particularly in how it stores information for features that I never used myself.

I am now making available a program I wrote for myself to read and display the contents of .son files on my PC. It is presented "as is", with no implied warranty or guarrantee for any particular purpose, and I'll accept no liability for any damages to your computer or data... insert the usual self-protecting legal blurb here. The program most certainly does not attempt to write the format - that would require more knowledge than I have at the moment to be successful.

But by all means, if it interests you, download it and try it out:


The zipfile is 25380 bytes (25K). Right click on the link and choose "Save target as..." to download. You will need a decompression utility such as Quick Zip to unzip the file and access the program "LookSon01.exe".


Martin Izsak 2007

You may contact me via this page:

Contact page


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