The Best Season Seven Episodes

The Universe - Season 7
4 documentary episodes @ 44 minutes each

  • narrated by Erik Thompson
  • Music by Extreme Music Library Ltd.; (and a bit of Eric Amdahl)
  • Flight 33 Productions, (c) 2014 A & E TV Networks

Rankings for "The Universe" Season Seven:

Best Episodes:

  1. Stonehenge
  2. Pyramids
  3. Star of Bethlehem
  4. Heavenly Destruction

Best Music...

  • Pyramids
  • Stonehenge
  • Star of Bethlehem
  • Heavenly Destruction

Best Writers / Directors / Etc...

  • Darryl Rehr (Stonehenge)
  • James Grant Goldin (Star of Bethlehem)
  • Laura Verklan (Pyramids, Heavenly Destruction)

Overall, I was pleased to discover that this is the first full season set of "The Universe" to feature 5.1 surround sound on the episodes... but then disappointed to discover that so few recognizable Eric Amdahl cues were used on this season's soundtrack.

Rankings for "The Universe" Season Six & Seven Combined:

(So we can asses the quality of the Ancient Mysteries Season compared to more usual fare...)

Favourite Episodes:

  1. Alien Sounds
  2. Our Place in the Milky Way
  3. How the Solar System Was Made
  4. Ancient Mysteries: Stonehenge
  5. Deep Freeze
  6. Microscopic Universe
  7. Crash Landing on Mars
  8. How Big, How Far, How Fast
  9. Ride the Comet
  10. Nemesis: The Sun's Evil Twin
  11. Ancient Mysteries: Pyramids
  12. Catastrophes That Changed the Planets
  13. Worst Days on Planet Earth

  14. Ancient Mysteries: Star of Bethlehem
  15. God and the Universe
  16. UFO: The Real Deal
  17. When Space Changed History
  18. Ancient Mysteries: Heavenly Destruction

All four Ancient Mysteries episodes have become available on DVD and Blu-ray as part of the season seven disc.
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The Universe
Season 7 - Ancient Mysteries Solved
4 episodes


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