The Best Season Five Episodes

The Universe - Season 5
8 documentary episodes @ 44 minutes each

  • narrated by Erik Thompson
  • Main Title Theme and Original Music by Eric Amdahl
  • Flight 33 Productions, (c) 2010 A & E TV Networks

Rankings for "The Universe" Season Five:

Favourite Episodes:

  1. Secrets of the Space Probes (this is a VERY good episode!)
  2. Total Eclipse (history & science explored in depth and quality)
  3. Dark Future of the Sun (quite cohesive & interesting)

  4. Time Travel (huge creativity & optimism)
  5. Mars: The New Evidence (packed with good info)
  6. 7 Wonders of the Solar System (less focused than other episodes)

  7. Magnetic Storm (destructively gloomy, but covers some good basics)
  8. Asteroid Attack (cool bits vs. destruction overhype)

Best Writers / Directors / Etc...

  • Jim Hense (w/d - Secrets of the Space Probes)

  • Darryl Rehr (w/d - Total Eclipse, Time Travel)
  • Laura Verklan (w/d - Dark Future of the Sun, 7 Wonders)
  • James Grant Goldin (w/d - Mars: The New Evidence)

  • Tim Evans (director/producer Magnetic Storm)
  • Rob Beemer (w/d - Asteroid Attack)

All eight episodes listed here have become available on DVD and Blu-ray as part of the season five box sets.
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The Universe
Season 5 Box Set
8 episodes



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