The Best Season Three Episodes

The Universe - Season 3
12 documentary episodes @ 44 minutes each

  • narrated by Erik Thompson
  • Music by Eric Amdahl
  • Flight 33 Productions, (c) 2008-2009 A & E TV Networks

Rankings for "The Universe" Season Three:

Favourite Episodes:

  1. Another Earth (really very very good!)

  2. Living in Space
  3. Alien Faces
  4. Stopping Armageddon (thorough & excellent)

  5. Parallel Universes
  6. Edge of Space
  7. Strangest Things
  8. Cosmic Phenomena
  9. Light Speed
  10. Deadly Comets and Meteors
  11. Sex in Space
  12. Deep Space Disasters

Best Writers / Directors / Etc...

  • Bob Melisso (w/d - Another Earth)

  • Annie Azzariti (director - Living in Space)
  • Jason Coffee (writer - Living in Space)
  • John Greenewald (w/d - Alien Faces)
  • Arthur Drooker (w/d - Stopping Armageddon, Cosmic Phenomena)

  • Rebecca Graham Forde (writer/producer - Edge of Space)
  • Darryl Rehr (w/d - Light Speed)
  • Louis C. Tarantino (director - Edge of Space, Sex in Space)
  • Laura Verklan Armstrong (w/d - Strangest Things, Deadly Comets and Meteors)
  • David Rajter (writer/producer - Sex in Space)
  • Andy Papadopoulos (w/d - Parallel Universes)
  • Rob Beemer (w/d - Deep Space Disasters)

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The Universe
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12 episodes



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