Wildest Weather in the Cosmos

The Universe
Season 2
18 episodes
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"The Universe" episode no. 29 (season 2)
  • written and produced by Rebecca Graham Forde
  • directed by Douglas J. Cohen
  • edited by Motoshi Wakabayashi & Amy Young
  • science consultants Alex Filippenko & Adam Showman

  • narrated by Erik Thompson
  • Original Music by Eric Amdahl
  • Flight 33 Productions, (c) 2008 A & E TV Networks
  • 1 documentary @ 44 minutes

Data Capsule Review

by Martin Izsak

Specialists in physics, astronomy, and meteorology takes us on a tour of the wildest known weather phenomena both in our solar system and beyond, where contrasting temperatures and chemical composition on alien planets and moons can produce some truly extreme environmental action.

This is Adam Showman's episode, as his area of expertise is thoroughly explored and showcased. Not only is he one of the behind-the-scenes science consultants for this episode, but he gets the most screentime by far of any of the interviewees.

This episode presents a top three countdown of wild phenomena in four separate categories.

Contest Winners include:

Wildest Winds in the Universe

  • 3. Jupiter's Jet Streams
  • 2. Neptune
  • 1. Hot Jupiter Exoplanets

Wildest Tornados in the Universe

  • 3. Herbig-Haro Space Tornados
  • 2. Martian Dust Devils
  • 1. South Pole Double Vortex on Venus
    David Grinspoon:
    "There's a giant upside-down twin tornado permanently existing at the pole of Venus."

Wildest Rains in the Universe

  • 3. Methane Rain of Titan
  • 2. Sulfuric Acid Rain of Venus
  • 1. Iron Rain of Brown Dwarf Failed Stars

Biggest Storms in the Universe

  • 3. Neptune's Great Dark Spot
  • 2. Saturn's Great White Spot/Ring
  • 1. Jupiter's Great Red Spot

from the disc sleeve:

Wildest Weather in the Cosmos:
Imagine a tornado so powerful, it can form a planet. Or winds sweeping across a planet at 6000 miles per hour. How about rain... made of iron? Examine the weather happening every day in our solar system and beyond, and discover what the weather out there means for us here on Earth.

Uniquely for this episode, the chapter stops do not correspond to the advertising commercial act breaks, but rather to the various categories of top-three countdowns. Two thumbs up for this move, as it is more logical and user-friendly.

Chapter List:

  1. Introduction
  2. Motions in the Atmosphere
  3. Winds
  4. Tornados
  5. Rains
  6. Biggest Storms

Participants include:

Adam Showman

Planetary Scientist
University of Arizona

predicts wind speeds and weather on extra-solar planets

Neil deGrasse Tyson

American Museum of Natural History

Michio Kaku

Theoretical Physicist
City University of New York

Author of "Parallel Worlds",
"Physics of the Impossible"

Alex Filippenko

Astronomer, supernova hunter
University of California, Berkeley

leads a team that has found over 600 supernovae in one decade through automated intergalactic scanning.
regular science consultant to
"The Universe" series.

David Grinspoon

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Robert Roy Britt


Heather Knutson

Harvard University

Caitlin Griffith

University of Arizona

Mark Marley

NASA Ames Research Center

Bill Gallus

Iowa State University

Partha Sarkar

Iowa State University

Charles Kerton

Iowa State University

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