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Hair is one of the first things you will want to add to your Michael 3.0 or Victoria 3.0 figures once you have loaded them into Daz 3D Studio. There are so many hair add-ons on the Daz web site and elsewhere that the choices can be overwhelming. Here are some of the ones from Daz that caught my eye:

Hair for Michael 3.0

Jason Hair
Michael 3 Millennium Beard
Jupiter Hair for Michael 3
Raoul Hair for M3
Julian Hair
Mihai Hair
M3 Samurai Hair

Hair that fits both Michael 3.0 and Victoria 3.0

Allure Curls
Western Hat with Hair
Montero Hair
Denzel Hair
WedgeCut Hair 2.0

Hair for Victoria 3.0

Misaki Hair
Millennium Flip Hairstyle 2.0
Lotus Hair
Sapphire Fox Hair
San Francisco Hair
Geisha Hair Pack for Stephanie Petite and V3
Mystic Moon Hair
Georgia Hair
Haughty Curls
4in1 Hair Bundle
Ishoka Style Hair
TripleTail Hair
Christina Hair for V3
BeautyQueen Hair

Hair for other characters

(including earlier versions of Michael & Victoria)

Morphing Flat Top
Michael's Morphing Fantasy Beard w/Hair
Short Curls Hairstyle
Very Hairy
Grecian Hair for Victoria
Gradation Bob
Short Bob
Valkyrie Hair
Nyoko Pigtail Hair

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