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You've just stumbled onto one of the easiest ways to get your feet wet with making 3D computer graphics that feature realistic human figures. DAZ products have a beautiful modular approach: you can start with just the bare necessities, and add more bells and whistles later.

DAZ Studio is where it all begins. This is the main program for your computer that loads all your figures, textures, props & scenery, lights & cameras, allows you to place everything exactly where you want, and renders the final images and animations.

Daz Studio works with both its own native figures & props, but also those of the popular Poser 3D system.

...And it's FREE??!?!

As of this writing (March 2006), Daz Studio can be downloaded for free! DAZ hopes to be able to continue to let the main program be free for as long as we support them through purchasing their other products and add-ons. Do check them out before this offer expires (and maybe it won't have to):

Next, you will want some human figures.
DAZ's most popular figures are the very versatile Michael 3.0 and Victoria 3.0:

Victoria 3.0 Base
Michael 3.0 Base

These figures bend at all the joints, allowing you to pose each one into any position your heart desires. There are also many "morphs" that allow you to change the expressions on their faces by arching eyebrows, smiling or frowning, opening eyes and mouth wide or shutting them tight. Try it out!

As of this writing, the Michael 3.0 and Victoria 3.0 base products are also free. This great deal may very well not last forever, so check it out while you still can....

...All this free stuff... so where's the catch? Well, if you've enjoyed DAZ so far, you'll probably want some of the following add-ons, which allow you to begin to show your support for DAZ financially $$$:

Victoria 3.0 Head & Body Morphs
Michael 3.0 Head & Body Morphs

The head & body morphs allow you to change the ethnicity, weight, and overall look of Michael 3.0 and Victoria 3.0, creating a wide variety of characters out of the same basic figure. You could then stick three Michaels in one scene, and have them all look like completely different people interacting with one another. It's even possible to turn Micheal and Victoria into aliens or other creatures with these... lots of fun.

Kung-Fu Clothes for M3
Tales of Adventure - Crystal Mage
19th Century Suit Pack for Michael 3.0

Clothing is one category of add-on that is very worthwhile.
If you check out places like, you will find a lot of free items of clothing to put on your figures. But reading the fine print can save you a lot of hassle and downloading time.

Conforming vs. Dynamic

These two words do not mean the same thing. If you're a beginning DAZ Studio user like me, you may find "conforming" clothes a LOT easier to work with. Once an item of conforming clothing is "fitted" to a character figure like Michael 3.0 or Victoria 3.0 (which is as easy as selecting the item and clicking a button), the clothing will bend and move along with the character wearing it. Also, if you have used the Head and Body morphs to change the shape or size of your character, the clothing will automatically adjust as well.

Additional textures

A lot of the free stuff that may catch your eye isn't really a complete item in and of itself either. For example, if the fine print mentions "for the V3 MCD", this is short-hand meaning that you first need "Victoria 3.0's Morphing Cocktail Dress" from DAZ, after which you can apply the free texture to change the look of that dress.

So keep in mind, when you buy an add-on from DAZ, like the MCD, you will in many cases also find lots of free extras to download that allow you to change the look of it in ways you may not have imagined.

Here is the basic MCD:

which you can purchase here:
V3 Morphing Cocktail Dress

And here is the MCD after several of my favourite free MCD textures have been applied:

Hair and skin textures are other elements you will probably want to look for to give your figures as realistic a look as possible.
Sapphire Fox Hair
Michael 3 Millennium Beard
Princess of Atlantis

You can check out a whole additional page of hair options here.

Need inspiration for posing your figures and getting the expressions on their faces just right? Poses and expressions can be independently saved as "pose" files, and shared, traded and sold over the internet. Have a look around, and you may find some cool stuff.

Real Emotions for Victoria 3
K9 General poses and props

What would the finished result be without props and scenery? There's plenty of stuff out there.

There are many other basic figures from DAZ and other places that work in DAZ Studio, from humanoids of all types and ages, to animals and fantasy creatures.

It's so easy to dive into all this stuff. Check out DAZ Studio, and begin to realize your own artistic vision....

Millennium Dragon 2.0
Chain Mail Tunic
M3 Tunic


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